Monday, March 22, 2010


What are you searching for?

-Devlyn Steele

We all at one point or another are searching. Whether it is for a partner in life, a better job, a way to get in better shape, or it could be as basic as more happiness in life. In fact, most of us spend a major portion of our life in "search" and as much as we use Google to find the answers, our searches come up short.

After Google, we still continue our search and we search and search. We look in books, and buy the latest expert's advice promising to guide us to the answers. Wewatch Oprah, certainly she must know, if she doesn't then one of her guests do, after all they have written a book. We go to the seminars, lectures, workshops, and buy the latest infomercial gadget, program or miracle that will only take 7 days to complete.

When all that doesn't work, we watch The Secret, because that must be it, it must be a secret and that is why you just have not got it yet. Still even after The Secret and all the advice, gizmos, gadgets and promises to the life you want, you still find yourself searching.

Searching and searching but never finding the answer you need. You know it is out there. You are sure it is and you know as long as you keep looking you will find it. After all, you deserve to have a great relationship, earn money at a career you like, lose weight and find your happiness, don't you?

What if you could find the answer, what would you do? I am sure that to find how to accomplish the results you want, you would do just about anything, wouldn't you?You would, wouldn't you?

Of course you would.

I am glad to know you agree that you would do what it takes for the answer you have invested so much of your time searching for. With that agreement, I am going to reveal the answer you have been searching for right here and right now. However, I am revealing it with the agreement that you are willing to do what it takes for this answer. If you are not, read no further, if you agree then proceed to discover the answer to everything you want.
Caution Caution Caution

Okay, since you are here we know two things: One, you are prepared to do what it takes as agreed. Two, you want to create changes in your life.

In order to be able to read the answer you will need a mirror. You didn't think the answer would be in plain sight did you. If it was that simple surely you would have found it already. Or maybe it has been in plain sight and you just missed it all these years.

Ok take a good look in the mirror. Keep looking. Just stare straight into it, did you see the answer? You did not see it yet, come on take a good look, you can't miss it.

Still not seeing it, you most have the mirror at the wrong angle, try shifting it or shift how you are looking at the mirror and really stare into the mirror. Now you see it, don't you? If you are still confused, what are you seeing?

When you stare in the mirror what you should be seeing is yourself and what else is there? If you are really staring in the mirror that is all you should be seeing, is yourself and there is the answer you have been searching for all your life. The answer to everything you want is ----- YOU!

You don't need any expert, any gizmo or secret to create the life you want. The power to create the life you want is in you and it has been there all this time you have been searching. All you need to do is exercise your power to take action.

You want a relationship, then work on making yourself the best you can. After all, don't you want someone who is attracted to you being active in your life. So if you like tennis, play tennis, go to the places and do the activities of that which you want a person to be with you. Then take your power and date. Take the great you out and find ways to date and over time the relationship will develop.

That person in the mirror has the power to exercise, to eat right and to get in great shape. Don't like your job, then get training, more education, update your resume and search for a new job.

Tired of not having money, examine how you spend it and make a decision to create more wealth in your life. What ever it is you want, there is action you can take to create it. The power to change your life is you. Since you agreed that if I would reveal this answer to you, that you would do what it takes, now you have to live up to your end of the bargain.

That is what every successful person you see and envy knows and does. They do not buy into short cuts and secrets, they know the responsibility to create the life they want is the decisions and action they take.

So now that you know the answer, it is up to you!

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