Thursday, March 18, 2010


Thought and belief, emotions, intentions, relationships, turning points and breakthroughs, environment, and vision must be alive and active in order for any world to be born, not just the new one we want to create for peace.

Whenever consciousness is ready for a shift, you will see ferment and turmoil in all these area. The established order will be challenged, and working from the silent and invisible level of consciousness, a new order will begin to emerge. It feels like a mystical process, because no one controls the switch and yet everyone does. A common desire wakes up without people knowing that they are invisibly linked.

The birthing process of the future doesn’t have to be mystical. The needed skills to break with the past have always existed in us. But the new world that is now emerging, one based on peace, will be unique. Other worlds were born because of shared religions (the Christian Middle Ages, for example) or shared technology (Western industrialism, for example), but none was completely global.

The key words that will define the new hierarchy are: Conscious evolution, self-determination, nonmilitary, nonsectarian, global sharing, sustainable economies, and healed environments.

These separate trends are going to link and fuse together as they coalesce. The same thing has already happened to you biologically, only you don’t remember it. An embryo starts life in the mother’s womb as a loose blob of cells, and with time one witnesses increased complexity. Eventually, the embryo is so complex that it has no choice but to be born – a goal that nature always had in mind but that was impossible until there was sufficient order and power inside the embryo for it to become independent. Social orders follow the same pattern before birth.

Adapted from: Peace Is the Way, by Deepak Chopra (Harmony Books, 2005).

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