Sunday, October 11, 2009

New York City/Transitions

Coming back to the city was simply purposeful. It gives me the opportunity to see my friends, have some wonderful food, and to go to the theater-this time to see Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman in AFTER THE RAIN!

I have noticed this time around that with the seasons changing, the cooler air and windy conditions and the very bright sun, that I am more introspective as to the opportunities that I have yet to create.

There is a responsibility in living here.I noticed the seriousness of the economic conditions and how it has impacted the city. There is a slight tension in the air and with the retailers as hey scramble to pay closer attention to the potential customer. Every sale is a potential dollar and where one might not have pay much attention to this fact a year ago, it does seem much more prevalent now.

I feel gentler than before....maybe it comes from age or just the fact that I do not wish to extend any energy on being anxious or upset with how crowded the subway is, or how long a line may be to get up and down the stairs to the train. A few seconds either way is not going to be a drama.

There is a depth to the architecture for me, too. I am spending much more time, languishing a few more moments on what I see. It makes for a deeper connection and stronger memories for me.

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