Friday, October 23, 2009

Honesty and Skill

Does it seem to you that there is more deception than ever before or is it just that we hear about it faster with all this new technology. Have companies always been so deceptive when it comes to hocking their wares? Why do the products being promoted have only about half the shelf life promised?
The vaccine market place has become the new battlefield of lies. Do these flu vaccines work and if so, why have there not been any studies to show that they do? I definitely know what it is like to have a flu but have never felt that a flu shot stopped me from getting the flu. Bu of late, I hear many news reports about people dying as the result of these vaccines. Is it really all about money...the value of human life is pared down to dollars? Is it like war when we expect so many will die as a result of war and we prepare for it. I don't think anyone prepares for death from a vaccine and yet there are young children and older adults dying these days from them.
Also, why is it that there are so many people getting pneumonia or staph infections while they are in the hospitals? I thought hospitals were the safest place until I started reading stories and hearing first hand about my friend who was having an operation that the surgeon said just before cutting, "I don't think this man needs an operation" and walks out of the operating room-my friend is released and and gets very sick within 24 hours at home with a staph infection. Another friend whose Mom was in the hospital for a routine operation and she gets double pneumonia.....another friend has diverticulitis, has an operation and they accidentally cut his colon and now has a colostomy bag.
There is something lurking in the ether of our life on this planet and it does not feel very good.

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