Friday, December 11, 2009

Images of Love

Adapted from Kama Sutra, by Deepak Chopra (Virgin Books, 2006).

The love you pray for is trying to reach you at every moment. So pray for the highest love. Then when it reaches you, your blessing will be infinite. Purity is the secret of fulfilling your desires. The purest heart brings the highest love.

To know what love really is, you must discover that you are love.

The force that makes life expand is desire.

When a desire follows the flow of love, it benefits all of life.

When desire is blocked, growth cannot happen naturally.

What does it mean to grow? It means letting life be new at any moment.

Desire is the heart’s way of reaching into the unknown.

When you cherish the unknown—in yourself and in others—you have become a lover.

For everyone love is the journey. Those we call lovers realize that this is true.

Love is constant. The journey is our way of experiencing an illusion: that love can change.

Love is everywhere and nowhere at the same time—like Being. Like God.

Today your love depends on how you feel and act. Tomorrow, if you are fortunate, it will depend on nothing.

When love comes, it feels as if it has found you. In truth you remembered to look for it.

Love isn’t fickle. It only comes and goes because we do.

Universal love is the expansion of personal love. Personal love is the concentration of universal love.

Loving someone else is the same as loving God. One person is a wave; God is the whole ocean.

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