Monday, December 14, 2009

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  1. I came back to New York to see Catherine in Little Night Music. It is her first time on the Broadway stage and she has a home run.She made Send in the Clowns her own...unlike anyone else and it cemented her achievement - watch, she'll get the Tony for her performance. It was like watching Vivien Leigh....I have no doubt that she can do it all.

    While waiting outside for the intermission, I saw Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell.Goldie was one of the few people I know that when things are their worse, she shows up big time. Both she and Kust helped arrange for our mutual friend, Jeff, to be buried in Westwood at a place which is literally impossible to get into these days.

    During our conversation, I learned that her family changed the spelling of their last name from HAHN to HAWN....war time- Hungary. Our families came from the country and now it may be possible that were are cousins or something on that order.

    It was a happy trip to NY this time...with adding a good amount of time to spend with friends, walk about the city and see all the wonderful Christmas displays.

    And so it goes....