Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sadness over education.

Today, managing to get through the nonsense of Christmas Sales, the bad economy, and the late night news, I felt sadder than I have felt about the state of the world and America. I watched young parents and students on the news cry. They cried about their little elementary school having to close because there was not enough money to keep it open. How is possible that this seems to be happening more often these days? With millions going to Wall Street, car companies, banks, and various corporations, why is education falling through the cracks more and more these days. I remember hearing so many stories about teachers not be paid enough- not enough for Saltines. And then, we have so many raping this country blind. Why do we pay sports figures hundreds of millions and pay a teacher under $35,000? I am starting to realize that this is the direct effect of so many ignorant folk these days. When persons can run for Congress or the Senate and cannot tell you about what is in the Constitution, then we have an answer. I thought that lotteries were supposed to supply school in each state with millions of dollars in revenue. Have we been asleep to long? I am sad.

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