Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And so it goes.....

And so, life is moving swfitly, eh? Have you thought about what you'd like to do when you get older? Funny how we are forced into patterns out of sheer fear of change. With the children moving up and out, the passing of one's loved ones, the changes of those who we thought were predictable, we come to realize that no one is keeping score but ourselves. Then how do ones aquire the sensibility to take care of the one thing we have control over -ourselves.

As i listen to the day to day drama of the human condition, brought about by rumor and inuendo, I think-do they not know they they could have having a party? No one told them that this moment is wherein the fulfillment of being alive is either worshiped or denied. Why are so many making choices based on the past instead of the future? Why do not become the example instead of just being one of the many?

If I am blind to reality, then give me sunglasses. I much prefer to joy of being alive in this moment than creating a false moment based on fear. There will always be an excuse not to move forward...our friends..our family....our job....our weight....hell, we've got many more excuses not to participate in the journey than to jump into the deep end of the pool.

And as Linda Ellerbee once said..."And so it goes".

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