Thursday, August 27, 2009

The lessons we teach....

As I sat with woman yesrterday at lunch, someone whom I have great respect for, and discussed what possible opportunities she has as she has left working for the county and wants more adventure in her life. I thought what possible roads she might pursue and then she asked how do I do what I do. After a long pause I said that I did not know why things happen the way they do for me, but I do know that I have to get myself out of the way when thinking about the future. Somehow my intention is manifested through my ability to organize and follow through. I do know that it is ALL about the "giving" and not the receiving. There is nothing out there that will make me whole and complete. That is an inside job and thankfully, through the many women in my life, I have learned that lesson. I say that one needs only to have the willingness for things to change and not h=to have an attachment to the way you think things out to be. It's what work for me. What about you?

The lessons we teach are the ones we need most to learn. -Richard Bach, Illusions

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